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Timothy S. Snyder


Tim is a degreed economist from Texas Tech University and his primary discipline was in the area of Agriculture and Applied Economics. Tim worked as a student assistant to Dr. Willard Williams, PhD., in the area of commodity futures analysis and hedging. Tim eventually became Dr. Williams’ teaching assistant (TA) and worked for him after hours assisting him teaching hedging seminars (also known as risk management seminars) around the US.

Tim began his professional career in 1983 when he was hired by Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. as a securities and commodities account executive. When Tim began his tenure with Dean Witter Reynolds, it was among the largest retail brokerage firms in the securities industry with just over one thousand account executives (it grew to a ranking of third in the US by 1996) and was among the largest members of the New York Stock Exchange. Dean Witter has since merged with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Tim eventually left Dean Witter Reynolds in the summer of 1987 to pursue other opportunities.

In the summer of 2000, after working for 13 years in the medical industry in sales and sales training with Johnson and Johnson, Bristol Meyers Squib and Stryker Surgical, Tim moved back into his primary area of expertise, economics, where he became the marketing director for a national commodity organization focusing on product development and sales in domestic and international markets. Tim’s work with the commodity group allowed him to re-emerge in the energy industry and focus on market development in refined product markets, including both fossil and renewable fuels.

In 2005, Tim founded Agri-Energy Solutions, Inc. the predecessor to Matador Economics, Inc. where he has worked ever since, focusing on the markets for gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol, biodiesel and in the exploration and production of fossil fuels for companies like Crudefunders and more. Tim currently serves as an advisory board member and an investor in Crudefunders.

Over the last several years Tim has written a daily commentary on the futures and cash markets for West Texas Intermediate crude oil, Brent crude oil, RBOB gasoline, ULSD also known as New York Harbor Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (more commonly known as Heating Oil), natural gas, ethanol, and the products that are produced to manufacture ethanol and biodiesel. Tim also writes daily on the value and influence of the US dollar, gold, silver, and copper and several econometric measures that are published throughout the month.

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