We Understand Applied Economics in Energy

Providing assistance to individuals and corporations applying economic indicators to business and personal finances as it relates to oil & gas and agriculture.

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We focus on helping companies apply macroeconomic data in a consultative form to facilitate the planning process. We apply economic data like GDP, (Gross Domestic Product), unemployment, supply and demand, PPI (Producer Price Index), consumer prices, retail fuel prices and more to a variety of business scenarios to assist our clients in making planning decisions for the future. In other words, we help businesses grow.


Matador Economics, Inc provides a daily synopsis or the previous day’s market action and also helps to identify what to expect in the current day’s trade, for certain commodities, in the futures market as it relates to the energy complex. Subscriptions to “Energy Wise” can be acquired through this website for a small annual fee.

Client Services

We assist clients in helping to prepare forecast models, market analysis, feasibility studies and much more, primarily in fossil fuels, refined products, renewable fuels and agricultural markets.

Market Analysis

We provide detailed market analysis in fossil fuels, refined products, renewable energy products, agricultural products currencies and precious metals. Clients requesting economic analysis in other product areas must contact Matador Economics directly for assistance.